An unhealthy diet contains foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients. Many people have no idea how many calories they take in on an average day and often underestimate when asked to guess it. At the same time, they also overestimate the number of calories they burn. Put simply, it is much easier to over-consume or eat excess energy than it is to burn it off.

Case Study: IAN – Goal was to loose weight and gain knowledge with nutrition, fitness & weight training.

Peak’s PT Andy Trinder gives us an excellent example of a client he worked with who …………in diet and exercises to reach his goals.

“Ian has a very demanding job, working 5 days, 50-60 hours a week (not including traveling to & from wherever he is needed in the UK) & living out of hotels every night, eating whatever he could find in service stations.

Ian knew he needed to do something but was overwhelmed and felt lost when it came to figuring out where to start!

When working with a new client there are 4 variables I like to check:

  • Daily Activity
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition

With these in mind we sat down and discussed what needs to be addressed.

Activity? Ian has an active job, two kids to keep tabs on and he’s a keen golfer. His activity output doesn’t have much room, if any, to improve.

Sleep? Working 60 hour weeks in a physically demanding job he sleeps well and 8 hours sleep was never hard to come by.

Hydration? He has a bottle filled with water to hand as we chat (and cases of water in the work van). I was satisfied that was taken care of.

Nutrition? This was where we needed to make improvements! Full breakfasts every morning in the hotel, pastries and whatever he could get his hands on to fuel his day (Because they are already paid for so why not right?) Lunch: whatever is near the site he was working on, anything quick Gregs, McDonalds. Evening meal: after a 12 hour day? Anything and everything!

So we knew where to start. We started with a calorie goal and I can confirm that goal has not changed once in the 6 months we’ve been working together, this shows just how much Ian was over eating!

From the day we started I could not of asked for more effort and consistency from him. Weight training when he was home, a desire to educate himself with what was actually in the foods he was eating to impressing me every week with a new low weigh-in!

From 18-12-18 –  221lbs (15.8st) To 18-06-19 182lbs (13st)


To start training with Andy or simply to chat over your fitness goals and see how Peak Physio and Fitness can help you reach your health and fitness gaols, call us today on 01492 338 262 or contact us using the form below to find out more.

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